Joe Messina is a Birther


Joe Messina is many things. He is an elected board member of the William S. Hart Union High School District which oversees nearly 23,000 students and has an annual budget of approximately $180 million. He is also a distinguished troll, a mass shooting skeptic, a sloppy parker and a self-styled conservative talking head. Well, we can now add to this inglorious list because Joe Messina is also a birther. Hart school district rejoice!


This new bit of information (new to me, anyway) came to light during Thursday’s edition of Messina’s radio show, The Real Side with Joe Messina. While defending Donald Trump for not calling out a man who said the U.S. should get rid of Muslims, Joe Messina went off on a tangent about President Obama’s birth certificate:

“The more and more I dig the more and more I find out. You know what was it, we had, uh, was it the Kenyan government? Someone in the Kenyan government came out with what they say—nobody’s gonna, nobody’s gonna check it—okay they say that they came out with uh Barack’s real birth certificate and the one they have is a year before the one that was issued in Hawaii. So I don’t know who you believe. Right? You have to decide on your own, I can’t decide for you.”

In Joe Messina world, the jury is still out on whether Obama was born in the U.S. I usually wouldn’t bother debunking birther conspiracy theories since it is the year of our Lord 2015. But being the dutiful reporter I am, I thought I’d help Joe out this one time. I checked this claim about a secret Kenyan birth certificate and by gum, wouldn’t you know it? Turns out it’s a hoax!

We already know, though, that this won’t matter to Joe Messina and his ilk. The White House could release a tape of Obama’s parents having sex on an American flag and then release another tape made 9 months later of the president’s birth—with the GPS coordinates of the hospital!—and it would do nothing to sway these people about THE TRUTH about the president’s birth.

But bless his heart, Joe wasn’t done!

“This guy was screaming about Muslim, he’s screaming about Obama, he’s screaming about all kinds of stuff. He’s talking about these camps that are, that uh, that are out there from the Muslims, or the extremist Muslims. And basically the way I read all this is Trump says, you know what? We’ll look into some of that stuff. We’re going to look into some of the things that might hurt this county. I did not hear him say he’s going to look into Obama’s birth certificate. You know, and on top of that, I don’t see why he had to correct him. What’s the big whoop?

That’s right: Hart board member Joe Messina doesn’t think a presidential candidate needs to correct a man who says Obama was born in Kenya, asserts the president is not a U.S. citizen and then angrily asks when the government can “get rid of” all the Muslims.

What’s the big whoop?

You can listen to his full rant here. It begins at 19:30

7 thoughts on “Joe Messina is a Birther

  1. Randles is the Joe Messina buster! Who ya gonna call? Seriously how old is this? No link to the video? Could Joe be reached for comment?

  2. MESSina repeatedly affirms that he is a Christian. A true Christian would not disrespect the Office of the President of the United States; would not intentionally spread lies about another human being; would not disrespect all people in a different religion. MESSina is a christianist. He is to Christianity what Islamists are to Islam: hate filled, bigotry ridden terrorists.

  3. Children born to US Citizens ARE US Citizens regardless of where the child is born. President Obama’s mother was a US Citizen. Therefor, the President is a US Citizen, no matter where he was born geographically. Ted Cruz was born in Canada. John McCain was born (I think) in Panama. Both are “native born” US Citizens. No Democrat would waste one second of the miracle of human consciousness obsessing or discussing the “birth” of these two Republicans. President Obama was born in Hawaii. But if he were not born on US soil, he would still be eligible to be president. Anyone continuing on with this topic should recalibrate how they spend their ever ebbing seconds of the life they have been given.

  4. Hey thanks for all the traffic/conversation. It takes numbers to sell a show to a station and I appreciate you listening and talking about the show. Keep up the good work! Joe

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