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10 thoughts on “Joe Messina Mocks Caitlyn Jenner, Cozies Up To LGBTQ Hate Group

    • That’s a good point, I might add the YouTube clips when I have time and will keep that in mind for the next time. I’m figuring this out as I go!

      • and actually it just occurred to me that the advantage of having a transcript is that in the event something ever happened to YouTube a record would still exist.

  1. I’m glad this was written to let more people know about MESSina, who claims to be a Christian, but is actually a Christianist. A Christianist is to Christianity what an Islamist is to Islam: terrorists, only the Islamists are more deadly!

  2. Why does this silly guy matter more than reporting on Andrew Taban funding his campaign through shell corporations? One guy’s ignorant comments are more dangerous than blatant political corruption?

  3. Thank you for taking the time to show the community what a bigot and bully we have in office. I can not believe the Hart District hasn’t done a thing about this yet- their silence is complicit in his intimidation and harassment of LGBTQ students.

    Bonus… it brought out George Tagwell… who apparently doesn’t know the laws very well. Don’t change the subject George and go find another venue for your blathering.

    • The important difference between Winkler and Messina is that the Saugus School Board censured Winkler. Speaking from the dais, each and every one of them asked Winkler to resign. To my knowledge, the Hart Board of Trustees has taken no such action.

  4. Hello Mrs. Vest,

    You are one to talk about the law. BTW I saw your sexist and misandrist comment directed at a male citizen. “waaaaaaaaaaaaa does your pussy hurt? keep crying”

    Since when is being a female a negative thing? And if a person has a “pussy” does that mean that are they emotional and cry? You have no room to criticize anyone when you make ignorant hateful comments like this, you really owe all women an apology.



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