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15 thoughts on “How much does an election cost? This much.

  1. It is hard to believe Mrs. Fortner (a Taban donor btw) claims to be a Christians with how fast and loose she plays with the truth. Mr. Taban had an actual “error” on his first disclosure and did an amendment after he was caught but still kept 1 glaring “error” in an attempt to throw people off the stunt he was pulling.

    If you make your way to buy modafinil without prescription and put in CALTEC MANAGEMENT the following will come up.

    Entity Number: 200209310081
    Date Filed: 03/29/2002
    Status: ACTIVE
    Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
    Entity Address: 1360 EAST WALNUT ST
    Entity City, State, Zip: PASADENA CA 91106
    Agent for Service of Process: TOURAY JABAS
    Agent Address: 1360 EAST WALNUT ST
    Agent City, State, Zip: PASADENA CA 91106

    This is the same address that he listed for Nationwide Lighting and Supply on his first 460 form. Now if you google the Downey address on woodruff you will find (big surprise) Nationwide Lighting Supply.

    Why is Nationwide lighting significant you ask? Well, it is the company of Mr. Taban father (Touraj Taban) runs. Mr. Taban Sr. is also on the first disclosure. The real question here is why does Mr. Taban feel the need to disregard transparency disclosures that are designed to curb corruption?

    I could continue on with the other shell corporations on Mr. Taban’s disclosures, but let’s just say most of these companies were founded around the same period as CalTec, have no websites or business listing, share addresses with many other corporations or are run out of houses.

    It also came to my attention that Ms. Tobe who copied and pasted an attack of Linda is also a Taban donor. Why was “being classy” an attack from people like Ms. Tobe and Mrs. Fortner when it is painfully clear they have gross deficiencies of class themselves.

    • It was a spelling mistake on Andrew’s part and he fixed it right away. Ask him, not me. I don’t fill out the forms, I just read them.

      • Mrs. Fortner, you know it is so much more than that don’t you? Who is TOURAY JABAS? I am quite certain you know. For those who don’t, it is Andrew’s father’s Iranian name. Now I wonder how many of these shell corporations that name would come up under?

        It is very amusing to have you and Mrs. Olsen losing your minds over other candidates mistakes of just a few hundred dollars. When your precious man-boy candidate is trying to hide how he got a small fortune.

        Remember The Truth shall set you free.

  2. You are going to school me on the truth when you hide behind a fake profile? You make it very difficult to take anything you say seriously.

  3. My real name is George Tagwell, bet you didn’t know… I am arguing with myself.

    I do this so I can get really snarky with people with them knowing who I am because, after all… I am all about truth…

    • You find it difficult to take anything I say seriously? Well golly Mrs. Fortner, this must be how you feel every day of the week. Regardless of whether you know me or not, facts are facts. It appears that You, Mrs. Olsen & Mrs. Vest forgot that filing a DA complaints is a relatively easy task, we will see if the DA would be interested in a slam dunk case of money laundering through shell corporation from political purposes by an Iranian-born national.

      You have a great day Mrs. Fortner.

      • “Money laundering” and “shell corporation” LOL and “Iranian-born national” huh? Andrew’s father’s name was mis-typed by the state of CA when he filed his handwritten business paperwork for one of his wholesale businesses. For someone who is so concerned about others being truthful and transparent you can’t even reveal your real identify or be bothered with the truth. Pathetic.

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