Breaking: Hart District Election Results Are In

The first numbers are in. Incumbent Steve Sturgeon has defended his seat, while Linda Storli is off to an early lead against incumbent Gloria Mercado-Fortine.

Area 1 (live results here):
Gloria Mercado-Fortine: 44.2%
Linda Storli: 55.8%

Area 4 (live results here):
Andrew Taban: 36.1%
Steve Sturgeon: 63.9%

In low-turnout elections like this one, about 75% of voters will vote by mail. These first numbers include all of the VBM ballots that have been counted so far. Because this first count represents such a big share of the total votes, the leaders at the first count will almost always hold on to their lead. Time will tell, of course, and we’ve got plenty of time. We might not see updated numbers for a few hours.