Watch this woman’s inspired plea for McRibs in SCV


On any given second Tuesday, the public comment section of the city council meeting is delicious display of passion, eccentricity and comedy.

The comedy is usually unintentional, but tonight we had the bizarre two-act bit of a man in some sort of sad clown makeup calling for strip clubs in Santa Clarita, followed by a pink-haired bespectacled woman who announced herself as representing the “foodie community” and requested an interpreter, which is where our video kicks in, so I’ll stop talking, because you must watch. Really.

We’ll have the full video of both speeches by tomorrow, I’m sure.

***UPDATE*** Here’s the full video of both speeches:

2 thoughts on “Watch this woman’s inspired plea for McRibs in SCV

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  2. She’s still got the McRib Blues. Disappointed by the lack of response from the Santa Clarita City Council, McRib Girl has taken it to another level. In addition to acting, the multi-talented young lady incorporates her skills as a songwriter, vocalist and musician on harmonica and guitar in her petition to bring back the beleaguered sandwich.

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