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17 thoughts on “Hart Board To Consider Complaint Over Joe Messina’s LGBTQ Comments

  1. The personas of a public school board member and a bigoted media shock jock are incompatible. A public school board has a duty to maintain a posture of neutrality and impartiality over the students and parents it serves. Such a board loses that perception of impartiality and neutrality when one of its members routinely espouses hate toward certain protected classes of students in a public forum. Such a board member must either give up his or her shock jock persona or be removed as school board member.

  2. Over the years Mr. Messina has proven himself to be bigoted and biased. His organization, the Dunamis Group, frequently hosts speakers who tout hate and intolerance.

    While he is entitled to his personal beliefs and to free speech, he has no right to bring his personal homophobia, religious intolerance and bullying hatred to the kids of our community.

    It is time he followed the law re transgender restrooms, equitable textbooks, etc. The Hart Board must do what’s right and sanction or remove him. Our youth must know we love all of them, not just those he agrees with.

  3. I hope for his sake that he never needs the help from anyone from the LGBGT community. What a complete showing of his true colors.
    I do not think he represents the general population of this valley, and if he does, then I am glad I have moved out,and away from the disgusting views of Mr. Messina!

  4. People commit felons and stay in office… that’s the argument? SERIOUSLY? How about .. let’s protect our students equally.

    Messina has one thing right, we do want him gone. He can keep his little show where he rattles his sabers… I’d be happy with that arrangement.

    • No there is no argument, I was just the voice of sanity.

      Here are you options.

      1. Raise money and try to recall Joe. You can ask Devlin how much the Advertising lobby spent to get the needed signatures. It might be more; I think since was elected at large he would have to be recalled at large as well. So about 19k+ signatures probably needed in the given timeframe which is either 30-60 days. You would have to look that up.

      2. Raise money and try to beat Joe in 2017 in one of the most conservative districts in the valley. You can thank CVRA for that.

      There is no 3rd option. The people elected him, and the people will have to un-elect him. There is a common misconception that Stephen Winkler was removed because people did something and that just isn’t true he was proven to have lived outside of the districts one of the few ironclad requirements.

      Saying good luck was more just to be nice.

      • 3rd option is to keep pushing back every time J vomits his divisive and hurtful rhetoric- spreading misinformation and outright lies- with the sole purpose of maligning a minority group that is part of the community he was elected to serve. I am disappointed that I cannot attend tonight.

  5. Joe Messina should be removed from the school board! His view about the LGBTQ are way out of line and he has even worse views about the Muslim Religion. There is no way students who are gay or of the Muslim faith can get fair treatment or education within the WM. S. HART Union High School District while he is a member of the board.

    • I hear people say this, and it blows my mind. He has been doing his show for about as long as he has been in office. Yet in 2013, no one thought he was dangerous enough to run against him? Now because of the CVRA, it becomes much harder to find a suitable candidate to run against him.

      So let’s so 2017 comes and Joe Messina wins a third term. Could it be said that his view is in the minority? If the people re-elect him in spite of the deafening screams from the haters?

  6. If Mr. Messina were talking this way about African Americans he would have been removed long ago. The fact that he hasn’t been removed over his hate speech about the LGBTQ community simply points out the bias of the rest of the board. They should be ashamed of themselves. As ashamed as all thinking, caring grown ups are of Messina’s hateful, tiny, cold little heart.

  7. The only lesson that Mrs. Vest is teaching her daughter is to throw temper tantrums if and when she doesn’t get her way. If Mrs. Vest really wanted Mr. Messina gone she would put in the hard to work and not try to sidestep democracy. I think she is attempting to get a reality tv show on Bravo.

    • I would never in a million years subject my family to a reality show…but interesting comeback.

      Joe is breaking board bylaws. They have them for a reason. He ran unopposed so it can’t be said voters had a choice. Regardless he’s in violation of board bylaws and general Hart district cyber bullying bylaws.

      And Nate there are other ways, pick up a parent handbook & findout.

      Or wait and see.

  8. Shame on them. Substitute “LGBTQ” with “African American” and this poor excuse for a human would have been removed long ago.

    Good article, Mr. Randles.

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