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3 thoughts on “Annex-Fever and Library Contentment

  1. The figure of $8,000,000 debt faced by the Library district came straight out of the latest City of Santa Clarita Annual Financial Report. Mr. Hernandez questioning his own figures is telling. Yet, one thing became apparent when listening to the council feedback. Costs associated with building the Newhall Library, reroofing the Valencia Library and adding new books are not included in those figures. So the real indebtedness number is much higher. The idea the LSSI library plan will pay for itself is a not going to happen for a very long time, if ever.

  2. Last fiscal year, the Public Library Special Revenue Fund had the following financial results (see pages 22 and 85 of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2015):

    Total revenues: $6,384,698
    Total expenditures: $5,278,597
    Operating Surplus: $1,106,101
    Fund Deficit, beginning of year: ($9,111,684)
    Fund Deficit, end of year: ($8,007,174)

    The fund deficit shrank last fiscal year by 12.1%. As we disclosed in the note on the bottom of page 73, “The City plans to eliminate the deficit in the Public Library Special Revenue Fund with future property tax receipts.”

  3. Perhaps a better McLean quote for your meme would be, “we are not going to pay for the pension and retirement of library workers!” (paraphrased)

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