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3 thoughts on “Parking Structure Parties, Firework Checkpoints

  1. Perhaps we should just scrap the 4th amendment altogether, and have checkpoints for any kind of possible infraction that might be going on in cars. After all, driving isn’t a right; why should probable cause or search and seizure without a warrant be an impediment to law enforcement?

  2. I saw the video of the council meeting referencing Elaine Ballace being “over the top”. Elaine has never threatened anyone, especially Dianne Van Hook. I did a google search on Van Hook, who is a public figure. Apparently Van Hook did not want anyone to question her motives, and sought a restraining order. Then Van Hook got a raise after passing the measure in question. I am thankful I do not live in Santa Clarita. Van Hook took away a citizen’s first and second amendment rights (thank you Ms. Ballace for pointing that out), and censured the same citizen over a difference of opinion. Apparently government in Santa clarita is a joke.

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