Candidate Dante Acosta Accused of Sexual Harassment


According to sources familiar with the matter, shortly before the June 2016 primary, Rep. Steve Knight and other Republican officials were made aware of credible allegations of sexual harassment involving a GOP campaign staffer, implicating Dante Acosta, the City of Santa Clarita Councilmember and candidate for California’s 38th Assembly District, who was an employee of Knight’s office at the time.

The alleged harassment took place over 14-month period and included unwanted advances by Acosta, including inappropriate comments and texts, as well as direct propositioning.

In mid-June, just a couple of weeks after a contentious 4-way primary election, Acosta abruptly announced his resignation from his day job with Rep. Steve Knight—ostensibly to spend more time with his campaign.

This surprised campaign watchers at the time, since it came after a frenetic run-up to the June primary, and at the beginning of a months-long lull before the general election season. Why resign in June and not March? Or August? These allegations may shed light on those questions.

For now, we’ll follow up with more information as this story develops.

Acosta did not respond to requests to comment for this story.


7 thoughts on “Candidate Dante Acosta Accused of Sexual Harassment

  1. Lets examine the similarities between Dante Acosta and Donald Trump:
    1. Claim to be successful businessmen? Check!
    2. lightweights when it comes to policy? Check!
    3. Trying to smear their opponent female candidates by making unsubstantiated claims? Check!
    And now, accusations of sexually assault? Check and mate!
    Just another similarity between Dante Acosta and Donald Trump, two candidates who will hopefully be handed the loss they deserve on Election Day.

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  3. Evidently. This is the only way, dirty unethical tricks, the democrats think they can keep winning elections.

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